About us

Watec Ltd.  is a company, specilized in engineering and manufacturing of automated water collection and treatment systems and pressure-boosting systems. We implement the most advanced technological solutions in our projects and we use only high quality materials and components from world renowned manufacturers in our products.

The company was established in 1996 and our main activities are: 

  •  backwash filter systems  
  •  water softening and desalination systems
  •  sediment filters
  •  reverse osmosis systems
  •  multimedia filters with special applications
  •  laboratory reverse osmosis systems
  •  ultrafiltration systems
  •  specialised water treatment systems
  •  dosing systems
  •  sea water desalination plants
  •  UV disinfection water systems
  •  pressure boosting systems
  •  Ozone generators
  •  water collection and storage systems
  •  water electrodeionization systems - EDI
  •  sensors, transmitters and process automation
  •  sand filters










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WTN406P is a new system for water softening for cooling towers. The softening of the water is based on membrane separation with nano filtration membranes....

New: LR Series

LR is a new product series for water desalination suitable for laboratory use. The max. capacity of the system is from 10 to 20 l/h. You can receive...
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