The geared motor actuates the installed "scrubber", which scrubs the impurities from the inner side of the filter sieve and channels it to drain.

Low pressure switches control the backwash of the filter

The backwash of the filter sieve is achieved using a powerful water jet ensured by the optional Grundfos high pressure pump.


Backwash filters









We present to your our range of automatic and manual backwash filters, manufactured by Watec Ltd and BWT Wassertechnik GmbH. The filters, manufactured by Watec Ltd. are individually customized, which allows for the final product to comply with all of the needs of the customer in terms of maximum flow, connection diameter, size, filtration grade, connections to existing systems for control, etc.


We offer a wide range of backwash filters.


Custom made filters
Wide selection of size, max. flow, etc.
High quality components

Reliable design; Long life
Possibility for implementing ins existing systems for water treatment.
Completely automatic





*The BWT filter systems are ready systems with a certain set of features and parameters, which cannot be changed upon request..

You can receive more information about these products or make an inquiry by calling +359 32 656565 or using our contact form under "Contacts"

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